“I love Facebook,” said no one ever!

Hello my friends, stalkers and other people who follow my blog because they might just be as crazy as I am,

Today, I’m going to rant.

Well, first I’m going to tell you about my upcoming activities.

Shattered, Running with the Devil, Book 7, working title (WT) because I can’t decide if this is the title I want or if I want something different. Maybe I should ask Facebook what’s appropriate – heavy dose of sarcasm there. Anyway, Shattered (WT) is almost complete – well the first draft is.

The second draft will need a serious edit and then it goes to my lucky editor who gets to delete a whole bunch of perfect paragraphs and destroy my confidence. While she’s doing that, I’ll create a great cover and some teasers and share both with my facebook group, Jasmin’s Dark Side (providing I have members left – more on that below).


After Shattered (WT), I’m going to start a new series, this one a Shifter series, because I just love the whole concept. I got a taste of it when I wrote First Blood Moon, and am working out the background details so I don’t make shit up as I go along (which I’ll do anyway).

Don’t worry, Running with the Devil is not done yet. Nope, I have several more books planned and will publish books 8 and 9 this year. Maybe even book 10. I just need a little shift (see what I did there?) so I can get my RWD creative flow back.

First Blood Moon (formerly of The Horror of our Love Anthology fame) is now available as a solo for $0.99 on Amazon. It’s a pretty cool little novella, a quick read with lots of hot stuff and an alpha shifter that will leave you breathless. You should buy a copy or read it for FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

A quick update about the partnership between Nikita Slater and me (who by the way has her new book, Queen’s Move, up for presales on Amazon). We are postponing the publication of our first collaborative book until March, 2019 because we haven’t quite decided on a PEN name, we have collectively three book releases in February and one or two other complicated reasons. But BE READY – our first book, Chained, is as hot as they come!

On to fucking Facebook, which I don’t mean literally, because if Facebook were a man, I wouldn’t let it anywhere near my vagina.

First, if you haven’t figured it out already, Jasmin Quinn is my PEN name for so many reasons, the primary one being that I write some hot, sexy stuff and swear a lot. Well, I swear a lot in my fake life too. I want to keep my writing separated from my fake life (you know, the one where I go to work, have dinner with the in-laws, and keep company with my husband and his conservative golfing buddies).

Back to Facebook and why I’d kick them in the nuts if they weren’t so Rusya Savisin (bratva mob boss in my Running with the Devil series and the H in a major alpha way in my upcoming book).


Where shall I start?

Facebook is inconsistent in it’s application of it’s rules. Not that I want them to be consistent, because its inconsistency allows authors to slip through the cracks.

Example: Facebook ads, of which I was paying for.

The first time I tried to create one, it was rejected because the image was too provocative. So I changed the image, it got approved and I started shelling out the big bucks (okay, the little bucks, but for a writer, it can be costly to market). I created three more ads based on what they deemed acceptable and got accepted.


UNTIL I made a small change (unrelated to the images or text I was using in the ads). Oops! My bad!

Then all the ads were rejected because for some reason they no longer met the no-provocative-stuff guideline. So I did what any other author would do in my position (right authors out there?). I deleted all the fucking ads and huffed off, wrote a scene in my book and kicked Rusya in the nuts (then deleted the scene – I don’t want to die, and he’d kill me for kicking him in the nuts).

Facebook is a bully. What is the definition of bully?
– Habitually cruel or overbearing, especially to smaller or weaker people.
– To treat in an overbearing or intimidating manner.
– To force one’s way aggressively or by intimidation

Sound familiar, fellow authors?

Facebook is controlling and arbitrary in its decisions without providing explanations in a transparent manner.

When I first created a Facebook account under my PEN name, the first one was suspended. So I tried again – under Jas Quinn, which for some reason was allowed. As I started to build a friend list, a closed group (Jasmin’s Dark Side – you should totally join), and a Jasmin Quinn author page, they suspended the account. I had to beg them to reinstate it, which they did (yay… Facebook….). However, I can’t run paid ads under this account and when I asked for an explanation (more than once), I got a vague, bullshit answer that offered no explanation.

So I had to go covert and use my personal Facebook account, which freaked me out for PEN name reasons stated above.

NOW they’re arbitrarily cleaning out closed groups. If you’re not an active participant in a group, then beware, unless you get to it and post, you’ll be removed. Better yet, they’ve warned the owners of groups to reach out to their members and ask them to leave comments.

I fucking refuse to do that. Why? Because I don’t like the strong-arm tactics Facebook uses, so why would I emulate such tactics in my group? By next week, I may have only a handful of members left in my closed group, which will make me sad, but I won’t play Facebook’s stupid game.

Authors are intimidated by Facebook.

You can see it in the threads. Can I have an account using a PEN name? The answer is yes and no. Can I run ads under my PEN name? Also, the answer is yes and no, depending on Facebook’s arbitrary application of its rules. Do I have to post a real picture of myself? No, but only if you beg hard and get someone who’s listening and not out there to screw you over.

Me – I’m afraid to post a rant on Facebook. I’m afraid they monitor any Facebook mentions in comments or posts. Crazy? Probably, but who knows?

Facebook does whatever the fuck it wants without explaining why to its membership including taking your money, fucking with your life, using intimidating tactics to force compliance, and not explaining a fucking thing.

Yep, Facebook is a bully because it can be. I need it more than it needs me, and it doesn’t hesitate to remind me of that. It’s a fucking giant. But not all giants are bullies. And in fact, don’t giants have a social responsibility not to be?

I feel like David, with my stupid little slingshot. The problem with me is I have bad aim and I can be easily crushed (also I’m not fast like David).

Thank you for reading this all the way through. Thank you for listening to my raging. I feel better now.

Love you all,



Author: jasminquinnwritesromance

Jasmin Quinn is a writer in her heart and soul and loves reading and writing highly erotic romance novels with strong male and female characters. She writes intense and sexy romance with a hint of suspense, a splash of intrigue and a whole lot of Alpha male. Jasmin tries not to take herself too seriously, but some things matter to her – like good manners, compassion for humans and animals alike, and Canadian maple syrup on vanilla ice cream. She generally disregards other people’s opinions of her unless they’re complimentary, in which case she fully embraces them. When Jasmin isn't writing, she's a beta reader and editor for Jem Monday Publishing. She also likes to fuss with her website, lunch with her friends, indulge in retail therapy, and play the occasional computer game. She stays in shape by exercising her rights to her opinion. Jasmin lives in beautiful British Columbia, Canada with her husband.

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