Oh, Those Guilty, Guilty Pleasures!

Hello fabulous people!

First, you should know I’ve had too much caffeine today. This is my second blog post. See my first over there (I can’t find an arrow; click on the picture) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Also, I’m madly working on my next book called Basic Instinct, Book 1 in the Shifters of Darkness Falls, my new series. I wrote 8552 words today. A new record! And some of it was even worth saving! Yup, I do set daily word goals and track my word count (I’m anal, what can I say – oh, hmmm… read Collared). I’m not allowed to eat breakfast until I hit 2000 words. Trust me, food is a great motivator for me! So is wine, but I gave up the wine-before-breakfast practice. It fucked with my word count!

Ripped this off the internet – no guilt

Second (or is it 3rd?), I hardly ever feel guilty. I thought about that fact as I was making the little teaser you see above. Searched around for the guilt, couldn’t find it.

Maybe I’m a sociopath. I don’t think I am, but probably most sociopaths don’t think they are. I got a rosary in the mail the other day (I’m not Catholic) and to avoid guilt, I’ve not used it because I haven’t yet sent in the charitable contribution (and also I’m not Catholic). Same with the socks I got in the mail. They’re sitting on my desk making moon-eyes at me while my feet get cold. But nope, I won’t wear them unless I send in the charitable contribution. So maybe it’s not that I don’t feel guilt. Maybe it’s more like I avoid things that might make me feel guilt. Like wine before breakfast. Salud!

I do love guilty pleasures! I have several – wine, caffeine, little toys in my night table, maple syrup on vanilla ice cream, pizza with extra cheese, and of course, Ryan Reynolds. I don’t feel guilty about any of them. EVER!

The Real News!

I know we all want to talk more about RR, but he’s not paying the bills (not yet). In the meantime, I’m a self-supporting woman who craves the finer things in life like Koala Bears (which are quite vicious by the way) and RR. Last I wrote (or is it blogged?), I probably mentioned Collared, the first book in Nikita Slater’s and Jasmin Quinn’s (ME, though I’m guessing you know that) After Dark Series!

It’s up for pre-order on Amazon and… countdown time… 3 more fucking days until you get to read it! You don’t need to buy a copy. It will also be Free on March 15 on Kindle Unlimited. Although, buy a copy if you want. Then you can keep it forever and reread it! It will be like having multiple orgasms. Trust me…

Luc is not an ordinary man. He’s gracious, charming, sexy, and powerful. Everything I desire and don’t have. Can’t have. A cocktail of perfection, too tempting to pass up and I decide to enjoy the short time I have to spend with him. After this night, I’ll never see him again. 

I don’t play nice. I’ve never played nice. Milla didn’t do all her homework or she’d know that. Last night, I was gentle, loving, because she was beautiful and sexy, and I didn’t want to scare her away. But playtime is over and the gloves are off.

Poor lamb is about to get savaged.

(This last line gives me chills. Yes, I wrote it, but still, it’s that fucking good!)

And More Good News!

Will it ever end? No, no it won’t!

Safeword, the next book in Nikita Slater’s and Jasmin Quinn’s (ME, again) After Dark collection is now available for pre-order for only $0.99! We’re so excited for these novellas to start going live.

It’s dark where despair hides, swamped in shadows. But where there are shadows, there is also light.

He has everything but my name and he wants it.
I have nothing but my name and I can’t give it up.
He will try to take it from me and I will try to resist.

She’s bewitched me and I want her
All of her.
She has no choice. She can give it to me freely or I will take it from her.

The slave will be mine. (Nik wrote that line. Chills again!!! Wish I had free socks to warm my feet…)

Safeword will be officially released on March 29th! Chances are another of my blog updates will also be released. Coincidence? Possibly. Or am I sly as a fox… ?


Other things you should know. I’m still stalking my new guy, but it’s a lot of work stalking two guys at once. I’m committed at this point and I don’t want to give up the new guy. He’s got a pretty fucking nice accent. But I can’t give up RR. We have so much in common… like… we’re both Canadian. And Ryan, I watched the Green Hornet… no… Lantern. It was Green Lantern, right?

If you haven’t already read Shattered, Running with the Devil Book 7, you should. Word on the street is that it’s pretty fucking good. Okay, not on the street… just me, I’m saying it. It’s pretty fucking good.

I’m off now, just for the day. In my land it’s 5:54pm and I’ve been at this since 7:00am. I don’t mind, I love writing and I love everything connected to it. But there’s a bottle of red wine calling my name and I’ve learned from experience, drinking and social media don’t mix. Way too many opportunities to say what I really think and last time I did that, I had to lawyer up.

Have a great day, where ever you are and thank you for being part of my world. It’s a pretty big fucking planet and it’s so cool that we can connect with each other, form friendships, experience kindness and have a lot of fucking fun!

Hey RR, drop by!

Love Jasmin

I just love you guys. Ok. Confession time. I started drinking a 1/2 hour ago. But it isn’t the wine talking. I swear it. You’re the best… okay maybe the wine’s talking a little bit. I gotta quit drinking the French reds. L’Amour

Author: jasminquinnwritesromance

Jasmin Quinn is a writer in her heart and soul and loves reading and writing highly erotic romance novels with strong male and female characters. She writes intense and sexy romance with a hint of suspense, a splash of intrigue and a whole lot of Alpha male. Jasmin tries not to take herself too seriously, but some things matter to her – like good manners, compassion for humans and animals alike, and Canadian maple syrup on vanilla ice cream. She generally disregards other people’s opinions of her unless they’re complimentary, in which case she fully embraces them. When Jasmin isn't writing, she's a beta reader and editor for Jem Monday Publishing. She also likes to fuss with her website, lunch with her friends, indulge in retail therapy, and play the occasional computer game. She stays in shape by exercising her rights to her opinion. Jasmin lives in beautiful British Columbia, Canada with her husband.

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