Who let the wolves out? Me! I did!

And in more than one way!

Why am writing this blog? No really. People keep asking (That’s not true. Only me. I keep asking). I could write about serious issues like the environment or world peace, but I prefer sex. After all, if we were all fucking and minding our own business, there’d be a whole lot fewer issues. Me, I don’t skirt the issues, I just like to approach them commando.

left: former cover; right: sanitized cover

So, let’s start this blog by talking about the elephant in the room. Chained: A Forced Mafia Marriage got banned by Amazon. Why? Because some of our content didn’t meet their guidelines. What the fuck does that mean? Nikita and I don’t know because Amazon likes to keep their explanations vague and unhelpful. This means we don’t know what to fix.

I’m finding the banning of this book unfunny, so I won’t expend a lot of energy talking about it. Nikita and I are working to restore it but I’ve never been one for silly processes and what we’re doing seems, well silly. At present, it still isn’t available.

Amazon, I used to like you. I used to defend you. You’ve hurt me and I’m having trouble finding forgiveness in my heart. I may send my wolves out after you!

Let’s move on! Wolves are everywhere right now!

Basic Instinct: Shifters of Darkness Falls Book 1 is live and for those of you who have pre-ordered, it should be in your hot little kindles. I love this book. I loved writing this book. I can’t wait to write many more of these books. And just so you know, I plan to write many more of these books.

To celebrate the release of Basic Instinct, I want to send everyone home with a treat bag. Just a little one – First Blood Moon is free for a couple of days, so if you haven’t already got a copy, this is your opportunity to grab it for free. First Blood Moon was first published in The Horror of Our Love Anthology   (see my October 23, 2018 blog post Hard Lessons, My Interview with Mr. Mafia himself and on becoming an international Best-Selling Author!), but now is a standalone novella on Amazon.

And another treat! The chance to win a $25 gift card for liking and sharing the Basic Instinct release post. How do you do that? See the post on my facebook page for details.

What else?

Available June 26

Past Sins (Running with the Devil Book 8) is in the works and there is a sizzling hot excerpt at the back of Basic Instinct.

Everyone has skeletons in their closets. Katya’s might get her killed.

Six years ago, Katya made a mistake and she’s been running ever since. She thought she found safety working for the Russian bratva, but her past is about to catch up with her.

Alexei has been hunting Katya. She took something that didn’t belong to her and his job is to retrieve it and kill her.

But once he has her, his heart tells him to keep her. Now they’re on the run together because hitmen don’t get severance pay.

Past Sins will be released June 26th and available for pre-sales by end of May.

Available May 17

Good Girl (After Dark Series) will be up for pre-sales in early May. Grab a copy while you can, just in case you-know-who decides to ban this one too. Good Girl will be released May 17th.

Were you expecting a dark cover with a girl in chains. We were too, but Nik and I made the executive decision to sanitize the cover for those faint-hearted readers out there. I know I sound bitter, but truly I’m more disappointed than bitter.

Quinn & Slater have more novellas planned over the next few months, so keep an eye out for them. They are meant to be dirty little naughty pleasures and we hope you’re enjoying them in the spirit they are being written. While we would love to turn some into full-length novels, if we tried, they’d never get written because individually, Nikita and I have heavy writing schedules. What I like about writing these short novellas is that I can produce one of them at the same time I’m writing my full-length book. I’ll alternate, which keeps the creativity flowing.

Finally, a sincere thank you to those of you who have been so supportive. You know who you are! It’s been a humbling experience being able to share my writing journey with you. And don’t worry, my sense of humour is on a temporary sabbatical. It’ll be back soon.

In the meantime, hugs and kisses.

Love Jasmin

Safewords, Facebook & my phone call to the big guy himself.

Hello you awesome people!

I’m having such a great month! My editor has my draft of Basic Instinct (Shifters of Darkness Falls Book 1) in her hot little hands!


Safeword (After Dark Series collaboration with Nikita Slater) is available and sitting on the virtual bookshelf! All of you who have pre-ordered should now have the book in your hot little virtual hands!

I love the concept of Safewords. Everyone should have them. In fact, I think that when you reach the age of consent, you should be required to have two safewords – one for red and one for yellow. They would be officially documented on your driver’s licence. You could use them on everything. Government tax forms, meals in restaurants, BDSM sex clubs. And you could have them on vanity plates.

Jasmin’s Safeword

Mine would be ‘Yes Please’ for yellow and ‘Please, Please’ for red (I’m a very polite girl).

Except FB probably wouldn’t approve my choices. And as we all know, Facebook runs the world.

I’m unable to talk about my secret stalkee today because I have bigger fish to fry (and no, that’s not a clue to his identity… I don’t think). RR is on the back burner too, because I’m tussling with Facebook again and they’re hard to reach.

My Phone Call with Mr. Facebook

I did manage to get through to Mr. Facebook himself after several hours of waiting. I told him (yeah, a man, maybe a priest), that I would be recording the conversation so I’d have a transcript for my blog.

Mr. FB sent me a list of requirements I needed to comply with before I would be allowed to post his side of the phone call. I wasn’t able to comply (not a virgin, drinks alcohol, owns black panties, married and faithful but sexually active, waxes down there, owns sex toys). It went on and on. I did meet some of the requirements (drank milk, ate pasta, etc.).

Mr. FB

I also had to sign 16 different documents and swear on a bible that I would not misrepresent Mr. FB in any way. In the end I decided it was best to use only my side of the conversation rather than record it word for word and accidentally repeat something provocative.

The Phone Call

Me (nervous as the big guy takes the call): Hello Mr. Facebook, it’s me, Jasmin Quinn.

FB: …

JQ: Quinn… Jasmin Quinn, Canadian romance author.

FB: …

JQ: Uhm… self-published.

FB: …

JQ: You haven’t? We talked once, don’t you remember?


JQ: Right, of course. You’re busy in your quest for world domination.

FB: …

JQ (a little defensive): Yes, some people have heard of me.

FB: …

JQ: No… not Nora Roberts, but Nikita Slater, D.D. Prince, N. Heinz…

FB: …

JQ: Nikita… oh never mind. I’m calling because one of my ads got rejected again.

FB: …

JQ: Well, the email said the photo was sexually explicit.

FB: …

JQ: Maybe you could pull up my file and see.

FB: …

JQ: Oh, technical issues? Yes, I’ll hold.

8 hours later and 20 different renditions of Gwen Stefani’s Hollaback Girl by people auditioning for The Voice.

FB: …

JQ: Oh, hi… no… I’m still here.

FB: …

JQ: Yeah. That’s him. Guy, standing up, looking cute.

First attempt at FB Ad

FB: …

JQ: Not cute?

FB: …

JQ: Oh… smouldering.

FB: …

JQ: He IS wearing a shirt!

FB: …

JQ: Oh, short sleeves. Well, yes, they are short.

FB: …

JQ: What? Those bulges on his arms? Muscles. I think the technical terms are bi-ceps and tri-ceps.

FB: …

JQ: I see. I can’t post a man with muscles.

FB: …

JQ: I see. I can’t post a man with bare arms.

FB: …

JQ: Okay. Yeah. Well, I changed the ad and resubmitted it.

FB: …

JQ: A pretty, blonde girl with a cowboy hat wearing a fringed jacket. Fully dressed.

Second attempt at FB ad

FB: …

JQ: Yeah, got rejected. The email said the ad can’t promote sexual or adult content, projects or services.

FB: …

JQ: Showing flesh? Her wrist and part of her arm, and her face.

FB: …

JQ: Yes. I pressed on the Advertising Policies.

FB: …

JQ: Yeah – Policy # 9: Ads must not contain adult content. This includes nudity, depictions of people or suggestive positions, or activities that are overly suggestive or sexually provocative.

FB: …

JQ: Yeah, I saw the pictures

FB: …

JQ: Yeah, the lady eating the banana

Not actual FB picture

FB: …

JQ (chuckling): Dole tried to get that one past you, did they?

FB: …

JQ: Yeah. The naked statue is compliant.

FB: …

JQ: I see that. Naked. Everything hanging out. Hard to see Mr. Penis without the erection.

Not actual FB photo but actual statue

FB: …

JQ: Oh, it is erect? Haha… I get it… cause it’s a statue, standing up…

FB: …

JQ: Yes. You have a great sense of humour.

FB: …

JQ: Ignore them. Those people are wrong.

FB: …

JQ: No. I didn’t appeal it.

FB: …

JQ: Because I couldn’t find the appeal link.

FB: …

JQ: Uh… an hour.

FB: …

JQ: Oh… okay. 3 hours max before I call? Got it. I’ll make sure I do that next time.

FB: …

JQ: Uh… well… I was thinking of posting another picture and I wanted to know if it was compliant.

FB: …

JQ: A nun. Full habit.

FB: …

JQ: Not compliant?

FB: …

JQ: Oh… naked underneath… yeah. No, I understand. It’s just I have men in my approved ads.

FB: …

JQ: No, they’re all suited up.

FB: …

JQ: No, but… I think they’re also probably naked under their clothes.

FB: …

JQ: Ohhhhh, I see. They’re not women.

FB: …

JQ: Yeah. Now it makes sense. All the photo examples under rule #9 of prohibited content are of women.

FB: …

JQ: Yeah, all white women. Aren’t you afraid you’ll get slammed for underrepresentation?

FB: …

JQ: Yeah, I know. I once put a black woman in a tub for a teaser.

FB: …

JQ: Yes. Naked, but under a lot of bubbles.

FB: …

JQ: No, no. She wasn’t black in the book.

FB: …

JQ: That’s misrepresentation? I didn’t know. Well, she could have been black, I guess…

FB: …

JQ: Oh, you read it? No, you’re right. I mentioned in the book that she was pale. Probably said something like, “She paled.”

FB: …

JQ: Yeah, I have a First Nations friend who thinks that’s funny.

FB: …

JQ: When I say a white girl is pale.

FB: …

JQ: No, no. Don’t hang up! I really have a First Nations friend.

FB: …

JQ: Okay, I’ll send you her name and phone number. You can check. I’m sorry.

FB: …

JQ: But my man…

FB: …

JQ: Oh, bare arms, muscles.  Okay.

FB: …

JQ: Well, I was hoping you could give me some advice on what will work?

FB: …

Wonder if this will work?

JQ: A cat? Okay. I’ll see if I can find a picture.

FB: …

JQ: Yeah. Well, I should go. Thanks Mr. FB, you’ve been a lot of help today.

FB: …

End of phone call.

Mr. Facebook was such a nice guy to take the time to speak with me.

I’m having so much fun today! And that’s without the wine. Happiness to you all.

Love Jasmin

Oh, Those Guilty, Guilty Pleasures!

Hello fabulous people!

First, you should know I’ve had too much caffeine today. This is my second blog post. See my first over there (I can’t find an arrow; click on the picture) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Also, I’m madly working on my next book called Basic Instinct, Book 1 in the Shifters of Darkness Falls, my new series. I wrote 8552 words today. A new record! And some of it was even worth saving! Yup, I do set daily word goals and track my word count (I’m anal, what can I say – oh, hmmm… read Collared). I’m not allowed to eat breakfast until I hit 2000 words. Trust me, food is a great motivator for me! So is wine, but I gave up the wine-before-breakfast practice. It fucked with my word count!

Ripped this off the internet – no guilt

Second (or is it 3rd?), I hardly ever feel guilty. I thought about that fact as I was making the little teaser you see above. Searched around for the guilt, couldn’t find it.

Maybe I’m a sociopath. I don’t think I am, but probably most sociopaths don’t think they are. I got a rosary in the mail the other day (I’m not Catholic) and to avoid guilt, I’ve not used it because I haven’t yet sent in the charitable contribution (and also I’m not Catholic). Same with the socks I got in the mail. They’re sitting on my desk making moon-eyes at me while my feet get cold. But nope, I won’t wear them unless I send in the charitable contribution. So maybe it’s not that I don’t feel guilt. Maybe it’s more like I avoid things that might make me feel guilt. Like wine before breakfast. Salud!

I do love guilty pleasures! I have several – wine, caffeine, little toys in my night table, maple syrup on vanilla ice cream, pizza with extra cheese, and of course, Ryan Reynolds. I don’t feel guilty about any of them. EVER!

The Real News!

I know we all want to talk more about RR, but he’s not paying the bills (not yet). In the meantime, I’m a self-supporting woman who craves the finer things in life like Koala Bears (which are quite vicious by the way) and RR. Last I wrote (or is it blogged?), I probably mentioned Collared, the first book in Nikita Slater’s and Jasmin Quinn’s (ME, though I’m guessing you know that) After Dark Series!

It’s up for pre-order on Amazon and… countdown time… 3 more fucking days until you get to read it! You don’t need to buy a copy. It will also be Free on March 15 on Kindle Unlimited. Although, buy a copy if you want. Then you can keep it forever and reread it! It will be like having multiple orgasms. Trust me…

Luc is not an ordinary man. He’s gracious, charming, sexy, and powerful. Everything I desire and don’t have. Can’t have. A cocktail of perfection, too tempting to pass up and I decide to enjoy the short time I have to spend with him. After this night, I’ll never see him again. 

I don’t play nice. I’ve never played nice. Milla didn’t do all her homework or she’d know that. Last night, I was gentle, loving, because she was beautiful and sexy, and I didn’t want to scare her away. But playtime is over and the gloves are off.

Poor lamb is about to get savaged.

(This last line gives me chills. Yes, I wrote it, but still, it’s that fucking good!)

And More Good News!

Will it ever end? No, no it won’t!

Safeword, the next book in Nikita Slater’s and Jasmin Quinn’s (ME, again) After Dark collection is now available for pre-order for only $0.99! We’re so excited for these novellas to start going live.

It’s dark where despair hides, swamped in shadows. But where there are shadows, there is also light.

He has everything but my name and he wants it.
I have nothing but my name and I can’t give it up.
He will try to take it from me and I will try to resist.

She’s bewitched me and I want her
All of her.
She has no choice. She can give it to me freely or I will take it from her.

The slave will be mine. (Nik wrote that line. Chills again!!! Wish I had free socks to warm my feet…)

Safeword will be officially released on March 29th! Chances are another of my blog updates will also be released. Coincidence? Possibly. Or am I sly as a fox… ?


Other things you should know. I’m still stalking my new guy, but it’s a lot of work stalking two guys at once. I’m committed at this point and I don’t want to give up the new guy. He’s got a pretty fucking nice accent. But I can’t give up RR. We have so much in common… like… we’re both Canadian. And Ryan, I watched the Green Hornet… no… Lantern. It was Green Lantern, right?

If you haven’t already read Shattered, Running with the Devil Book 7, you should. Word on the street is that it’s pretty fucking good. Okay, not on the street… just me, I’m saying it. It’s pretty fucking good.

I’m off now, just for the day. In my land it’s 5:54pm and I’ve been at this since 7:00am. I don’t mind, I love writing and I love everything connected to it. But there’s a bottle of red wine calling my name and I’ve learned from experience, drinking and social media don’t mix. Way too many opportunities to say what I really think and last time I did that, I had to lawyer up.

Have a great day, where ever you are and thank you for being part of my world. It’s a pretty big fucking planet and it’s so cool that we can connect with each other, form friendships, experience kindness and have a lot of fucking fun!

Hey RR, drop by!

Love Jasmin

I just love you guys. Ok. Confession time. I started drinking a 1/2 hour ago. But it isn’t the wine talking. I swear it. You’re the best… okay maybe the wine’s talking a little bit. I gotta quit drinking the French reds. L’Amour

Becoming a Stalker, Shattered Release and a Bucketful of News you’re gonna love!

Dear Fellow stalkers!

I have some exciting news to share – besides the Shattered release (more on that below).

I’m stalking someone!

I know! I didn’t think I had it in me either. I mean in my late teens/early 20s I thought every male with a penis was worthy of my attention. All a guy had to say to me was “excuse me, you’re spilling your popcorn on me”, and my youthful hormone-driven self interpreted that to mean, “I’d like to take you for a five-course meal”, which was code for kissing, French-kissing, foreplay, serious oral sex and then full-out depraved sex. That’s all the prompting I needed to track down his full name, address, past, present and future girlfriends, credit card numbers, job history, investments, etc.

Not the real colour of my eyes… or my plants. (photo by alex iby unsplash)

I gave all that up when I got married, but to be fair, had I not been a stalker, I wouldn’t be married, which is also why I’m now a little leery of stalking. Even though I’m all for reverse harems, I find sharing space with one man challenging, so should I ever be fortunate enough to have several husbands, I would have to have a place to put them all so they didn’t drive me mad.

But still, I’M STALKING SOMEONE and if feels so good and he’s real – not a fictional boyfriend, although I have a few of those I’m stalking too.

So who am I stalking?

Not actual representation of my stalkee (Photo by Emiliano Vittoriosi unsplash)

It’s early days in the relationship and I’m not sure how it’s going to pan out, so I won’t share his name. What I will tell you is he’s a celebrity (not Ryan Reynolds, though I’m hoping this will make him sit up and take notice).

I’ve signed up for all his social media. I know he’s married and has children. I know their names. I know where he lives, I know what he drives, and I know his net worth. I know what his dogs’ names are, I know how much he weighs, his favourite food and the size of his penis.

He’s a little too old for me (actually if he’s a man and he’s breathing, he’s not too old), but that just makes him all that more desirable. I’ve been thinking about asking him if he’ll interview for my blog, but I find myself suddenly shy. I don’t know if my heart could take his rejection.

Enough about Mr. Mystery. Let’s move on.

I’m literally brimming (not really) with news!

So many things are new! That’s always the case, because I love writing! I love romance! I love writing dark, edgy romance! I don’t love exclamation marks though, so I don’t know why I’m using so many.

Shattered is on the bookshelf!

And oh my god, I love this book! It’s a little crazy, but I’ve read this book at least ten times (yeah, I know it’s called editing, but I’m probably one of my most devoted fans). I thought cropped-banner-shattered-and-rose.jpgHard Lessons was my masterpiece, but now I think this one is my Vermeer (what’s a Vermeer you ask? On March 15th you’ll get to find out – more on that below). I struggled with the pairing of Esma and Rusya because I couldn’t figure out how to make it work, but isn’t that what good romance novels are about – characters overcoming obstacles to finally find lasting love? In this case, one of Esma’s and Rusya’s big obstacles was themselves. They both had to change. That’s the joy and curse of true love. Fucking compromise.

Which is why I am now stalking someone. Stalkers don’t compromise.

What’s next in RWD?

pastsins-cover-finalNeither do hitmen, which is what’s coming down the pipes in June 2019 with Past Sins, Running with the Devil Book 8 (holy – 8 books!). You’ve already met Katerina in previous books (Without Mercy, Courting Trouble, and Shattered). She’s the pretty young Russian who works for Anto as his computer geek. Even Anto wonders why she’s on his payroll.

Alexei, a Russian hitman, is after her to make her atone for something she did six years ago. Who the hell knows how this is going to play out? Will Alexei kill Katya? Or will they fall in love and live happily ever after? And who is Nikita, and will he die gruesomely? So many unanswered questions. I can hardly wait!

And finally, the new series!

Basic Instinct cover Darkness Falls CoverI’ve been threatening you with a new series, and one of the things that makes me such a good stalker is that I never make idle threats. So yes, my readers, shifters are coming!!! You heard it here first (not really – you heard in the Dark Side first unless you’re not a member, then you heard it here first) (unless someone told you, which I suppose could happen).

Shifters. Wolves to be exact. Not bears (sorry bear shifter people) because bears are loners and I wanted packs. Also, I couldn’t figure out how bears and wolves could reproduce. I had a long talk with my girl, Nikita Slater, on this and she was very clear that they could reproduce. But still, no bears.

This series is going to be awesome! My penchant for wild, primal, unapologetic male characters will serve me well because shifter’s rule by instinct. The entire concept gives me chills.

Shifters are the species between repressed, stick-up-their-asses humans and real wolves. They embrace instinct, don’t fight it, but still, a lot of what they do is more human than    wolf. Trist (Basic Instinct, Shifters of Darkness Falls Book 1).

Want to know more about this series? Read Shattered and at the back, you’ll find the first two chapters of Basic Instinct (Shifters of Darkness Falls Book 1). And stay even more tuned and you will get to read the entire book on April 26th!

What does this mean for Running with the Devil?

It’s not the end of the Running with the Devil Series – I can’t let my mafia bad boys go that easily. There will be 5 more books in the RWD series (books 8-12) and two novellas. Too quote Anto, “You’re gonna love it!”

And even more fucking news!

Beautiful, nude woman body silhouette and a glass of drinkOh my fucking god, I’m having the best time this year! Nikita Slater and I have teamed up to write a series of dark, edgy novellas that will leave you breathless.

These After Dark novellas are for readers who love uncompromising, sexually-explicit romance.

They include elements of BDSM, dub/non-con sex and other dark erotic themes. They represent women’s darkest desires and fantasies and explore the dark side of love, romance, passion and obsession. They are naughty, uncensored and unapologetic.

All novellas are standalone, HEA with no cheating.

Collared: A Dark Captive Romance (After Dark) is now on pre-order only $0.99 on Amazon!

Grab a copy today of Nikita Slater’s and Jas Quinn’s first novella collaboration!!!

strawberriesCollared: A Dark Captive Romance
A dark romance collaboration by International Bestselling Authors Nikita Slater & Jasmin Quinn.



Luc is not an ordinary man. He’s gracious, charming, sexy, and powerful. Everything I desire and don’t have. Can’t have. A cocktail of perfection, too tempting to pass up and I decide to enjoy the short time I have to spend with him. After this night, I’ll never see him again.

I don’t play nice. I’ve never played nice. Milla didn’t do all her homework or she’d know that. Last night, I was gentle, loving, because she was beautiful and sexy, and I didn’t want to scare her away. But playtime is over, and the gloves are off. Poor lamb is about to get savaged.

Standalone. No cliff-hanger. No cheating. HEA.

US: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07NZB2QM3
CA: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07NZB2QM3
UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07NZB2QM3
AU: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07NZB2QM3

Not enough links? Here’s two more just in case you want to see what else we write.

Nikita Slater’s Amazon page:

Jasmin Quinn’s Amazon page:

And another, which will take you to our After Dark web site: https://quinnslaterdarkromance.com/

And one more.

If you’re 18 or older and depraved, please join the After Dark Addicts closed Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/afterdarkaddicts 

Speaking of Nikita Slater!

Congratulations to the twisted dark romance writer for the release of not 1, but 2 books.

51wywapxjbl._sy346_Queens move (Book Two of The Queens) will light your knickers on fire. It’s barely been out and it has almost 50 five-star reviews on Amazon. Congratulations Nikita.

On top of that, Nikita has teamed up Anita Gray to write a spin-off Blaire’s World book called Luna and Andres: Blaire’s World. Just released to more acclaim and strong reviews.

Is there no end to this woman’s talent?

Both books are available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Nikita-Slater/e/B01JAJH0U4    


… there’s more, but that’s enough for one outing. I think it’s very likely you’ll hear from me before the end of April. I have to update you on how my stalking is going and I’m thinking of pushing a little harder on the Ryan Reynolds front.

And it’s time for another book boyfriend interview. I tried to interview Rusya Savisin, but I ended up in one of his cells, which would have been okay, except he refused to join me.

Apparently, it’s because I have a potty mouth.

Stalk on sisters and brothers but stay safe!

Love Jasmin


PS. I’m over my mad at Facebook. We’re friends again.

yellow plush toy
Me and Facebook. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com



“I love Facebook,” said no one ever!

Hello my friends, stalkers and other people who follow my blog because they might just be as crazy as I am,

Today, I’m going to rant.

Well, first I’m going to tell you about my upcoming activities.

Shattered, Running with the Devil, Book 7, working title (WT) because I can’t decide if this is the title I want or if I want something different. Maybe I should ask Facebook what’s appropriate – heavy dose of sarcasm there. Anyway, Shattered (WT) is almost complete – well the first draft is.

The second draft will need a serious edit and then it goes to my lucky editor who gets to delete a whole bunch of perfect paragraphs and destroy my confidence. While she’s doing that, I’ll create a great cover and some teasers and share both with my facebook group, Jasmin’s Dark Side (providing I have members left – more on that below).


After Shattered (WT), I’m going to start a new series, this one a Shifter series, because I just love the whole concept. I got a taste of it when I wrote First Blood Moon, and am working out the background details so I don’t make shit up as I go along (which I’ll do anyway).

Don’t worry, Running with the Devil is not done yet. Nope, I have several more books planned and will publish books 8 and 9 this year. Maybe even book 10. I just need a little shift (see what I did there?) so I can get my RWD creative flow back.

First Blood Moon (formerly of The Horror of our Love Anthology fame) is now available as a solo for $0.99 on Amazon. It’s a pretty cool little novella, a quick read with lots of hot stuff and an alpha shifter that will leave you breathless. You should buy a copy or read it for FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

A quick update about the partnership between Nikita Slater and me (who by the way has her new book, Queen’s Move, up for presales on Amazon). We are postponing the publication of our first collaborative book until March, 2019 because we haven’t quite decided on a PEN name, we have collectively three book releases in February and one or two other complicated reasons. But BE READY – our first book, Chained, is as hot as they come!

On to fucking Facebook, which I don’t mean literally, because if Facebook were a man, I wouldn’t let it anywhere near my vagina.

First, if you haven’t figured it out already, Jasmin Quinn is my PEN name for so many reasons, the primary one being that I write some hot, sexy stuff and swear a lot. Well, I swear a lot in my fake life too. I want to keep my writing separated from my fake life (you know, the one where I go to work, have dinner with the in-laws, and keep company with my husband and his conservative golfing buddies).

Back to Facebook and why I’d kick them in the nuts if they weren’t so Rusya Savisin (bratva mob boss in my Running with the Devil series and the H in a major alpha way in my upcoming book).


Where shall I start?

Facebook is inconsistent in it’s application of it’s rules. Not that I want them to be consistent, because its inconsistency allows authors to slip through the cracks.

Example: Facebook ads, of which I was paying for.

The first time I tried to create one, it was rejected because the image was too provocative. So I changed the image, it got approved and I started shelling out the big bucks (okay, the little bucks, but for a writer, it can be costly to market). I created three more ads based on what they deemed acceptable and got accepted.


UNTIL I made a small change (unrelated to the images or text I was using in the ads). Oops! My bad!

Then all the ads were rejected because for some reason they no longer met the no-provocative-stuff guideline. So I did what any other author would do in my position (right authors out there?). I deleted all the fucking ads and huffed off, wrote a scene in my book and kicked Rusya in the nuts (then deleted the scene – I don’t want to die, and he’d kill me for kicking him in the nuts).

Facebook is a bully. What is the definition of bully?
– Habitually cruel or overbearing, especially to smaller or weaker people.
– To treat in an overbearing or intimidating manner.
– To force one’s way aggressively or by intimidation

Sound familiar, fellow authors?

Facebook is controlling and arbitrary in its decisions without providing explanations in a transparent manner.

When I first created a Facebook account under my PEN name, the first one was suspended. So I tried again – under Jas Quinn, which for some reason was allowed. As I started to build a friend list, a closed group (Jasmin’s Dark Side – you should totally join), and a Jasmin Quinn author page, they suspended the account. I had to beg them to reinstate it, which they did (yay… Facebook….). However, I can’t run paid ads under this account and when I asked for an explanation (more than once), I got a vague, bullshit answer that offered no explanation.

So I had to go covert and use my personal Facebook account, which freaked me out for PEN name reasons stated above.

NOW they’re arbitrarily cleaning out closed groups. If you’re not an active participant in a group, then beware, unless you get to it and post, you’ll be removed. Better yet, they’ve warned the owners of groups to reach out to their members and ask them to leave comments.

I fucking refuse to do that. Why? Because I don’t like the strong-arm tactics Facebook uses, so why would I emulate such tactics in my group? By next week, I may have only a handful of members left in my closed group, which will make me sad, but I won’t play Facebook’s stupid game.

Authors are intimidated by Facebook.

You can see it in the threads. Can I have an account using a PEN name? The answer is yes and no. Can I run ads under my PEN name? Also, the answer is yes and no, depending on Facebook’s arbitrary application of its rules. Do I have to post a real picture of myself? No, but only if you beg hard and get someone who’s listening and not out there to screw you over.

Me – I’m afraid to post a rant on Facebook. I’m afraid they monitor any Facebook mentions in comments or posts. Crazy? Probably, but who knows?

Facebook does whatever the fuck it wants without explaining why to its membership including taking your money, fucking with your life, using intimidating tactics to force compliance, and not explaining a fucking thing.

Yep, Facebook is a bully because it can be. I need it more than it needs me, and it doesn’t hesitate to remind me of that. It’s a fucking giant. But not all giants are bullies. And in fact, don’t giants have a social responsibility not to be?

I feel like David, with my stupid little slingshot. The problem with me is I have bad aim and I can be easily crushed (also I’m not fast like David).

Thank you for reading this all the way through. Thank you for listening to my raging. I feel better now.

Love you all,



Here Comes Trouble! Here Comes Nikita Slater! Here Comes 2019!

Happy New Year!

Hapy 2019

Let’s start the new year on a grand fucking note! Just had to say it. On the stroke of midnight 2019, I will no longer hide behind my sensibilities (not that I did all that much before 2019).

When the urge to say ‘fuck’ arises, I’m going to give into it. It’s going to be grand year with all the fucking I’m going to do. Seriously, I’m not drunk! I’m so sober a judge would be in awe of me! (You know the saying – sober as a judge, which by the way, is bullshit. No way Judge Judy doesn’t drink – is that a double-negative? Is this a run-on parenthesis?).

CT_Final cover_JPEG_resizedCourting Trouble Released!

Where was I. Oh yes! Courting Trouble is out and it is fan-fucking-tastic if I do say so myself. Olivia, well she’s one of a kind and so’s Hugo! I love them both so much!

I highly recommend you read it because it will bring a smile to your face and happy start to your new year. It will also bring a smile to my face and a happy start to my new year! You can read it for FREE on Kindle Unlimited or buy it on Amazon for $2.99.

What else do I got?

The excerpt for Shattered (Running with the Devil Book 7) is tucked into the end of Courting Trouble. It pits Esma Akkaya, who was introduced in Without Mercy, against the dark, Russian mafia boss, Rusya Savison. Things are going to be hot and steamy, then dangerous and deadly. It will also be a time of reckoning for Anto Kharzin.

Who knows how it will end?

Okay, it will end on an HEA note. Or maybe HFN. Because every single one of my books ends with a whole lot of more story to tell.

Publishing Anniversary & New Year Promises

Happy Anniversary to me! I released my first book, The Darkest Hour (Running with the Devil Book 1) on December 28, 2017. What an excellent year it’s been!

I have a plan to publish six new books in 2019. Ambitious? You betcha! But it’s my plan and I’m sticking to it. One of those books is going to be the start of a new shifter series. I’ve tentatively titled the series, Shifters of Darkness Falls (although I reserve the right to change it before the first book is published).

I’ve started the first book, but am working out the background details so the books have a firm foundation. But like Running with the Devil, expect a whole lot of hot sexy men,  fucking, swearing, violence and maybe even a threesome.

Okay, joking about the threesome. Sort of….

But there might be a threesome in the next bit of news (see BIG BIG BIG News below)!


QS logoMy good friend Nikita Slater and I are collaborating on a number of novellas, the first of which will be released in January. Expect some really big edgy writing in little 25k books. I’m talking about straight up erotica, with a little romance and at Slater’s insistence, HEAs (she’s the romantic of the pair)! In 2019, Quinn Slater plans to produce 8 – 12 of these drool-worthy novelettes that will keep you up at night for all the right reasons!

More on this in January!

Nikita Slater Interview

Nik SlaterYup! I bagged her (not that way, you dirty-minded people). I got her to agree to an interview.

If you don’t already know, Nikita Slater is the author of 15+ awesome dark romance novels that can be purchased on Amazon or you can read for free on Kindle Unlimited.

We met over coffee in a bar. I looked like shit (it’s not like I was interviewing Jack Creed or Hugo Marsden. Slater likes boys, I don’t have a chance with her). We were on opposite sides of the table (she insisted – she’s not as touchy-feeley as one would think).

She looked divine, long dark hair, lush lips and a seriously nice ass (yeah, I checked it out). She was wearing jeans, a Black Sabbath T-shirt and a sparkly 2019 tiara on her head. Her nails were manicured and looked professionally done and she seemed a little nervous… perhaps too much caffeine?

I asked her the tough questions and she refused to answer. So I softened them up a little.

Me: Thanks for sitting down with me today, Nikita Slater. May I call you Nik?

NikSlater widens her eyes as she takes a sip of her latte and gives me a short nod. I think I’ve irritated her with my fucking good mood, but truly, I’m interviewing Nikita Slater. Why wouldn’t I be in a good mood?

Me: Let’s talk about 2019 – what can your readers expect from Nikita Slater next year?

Slater: A lot actually. I am starting a new dark romance series with the fabulous and extremely beautiful author (her words, not mine, I swear), Jasmin Quinn. We have a couple of books almost ready to go and plan to release our first one at the end of January under the PEN, Quinn Slater.

I’m also working on my next Queen’s book, Queen’s Move, which will be awesome. I’m loving writing it. I’ll also be working on the next Angels and Assassins book, and I’ll complete the Fire and Vice series with Burning Beauty.

Me: Sounds like you will be busy. How will you make sex a priority? And also, since you are in between boyfriends, how will you be able to make your sex scenes authentic without someone to practice them with?

Slater (slightly irritated): I can pick up boyfriends at the snap of a finger, but even if that doesn’t come to pass, I have always had a prolific dirty imagination and I don’t anticipate that failing anytime soon.

Me: And the sex?

Slater: Yes, there will be some.

Me: Okay. Let’s talk about this collaboration you are embarking on with this other author to produce a series of edgy, dark, sexy novellas. Tell us about this author, Jasmin Quinn. What makes her so amazing?

Slater: Jasmin Quinn and I will partner on the Quinn Slater series of novellas. Like me, she drinks wine. It’s possible I was drinking wine when I agreed to work with her. It’s possible I had already drank a lot of wine!

We do have a lot in common. We both like dogs, writing dark romance and we worked very well together on The Horror of Our Love anthology (which is on sale right now for $0.99 for a limited time).

Me: Yes, but what makes her so amazing?

Slater: Can I get back to you on that?

Me: Yes. Take as much time as you need.

I shift gears at this point. It’s time to ask the tough questions

stephen penguin

Me: What would you do if you found a penguin in your freezer?

Slater: Oddly, that’s happened. His name is Stephen and he loves sushi. He now lives in my tub. It’s expensive keeping him in ice.

Me: Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses? Explain?

Slater: 100 duck-sized horses. I would stand on something really tall, laugh at them and pepper them with ping-pong balls.

Me: What will you title your autobiography, when you write it?

Slater: Miss Understood.

Me: What would be your perfect murder weapon?

Slater: Poison.

Me: With your cooking?

Slater: Yes.

Me: Speaking of food, if you could redesign the food pyramid without any dire health consequences how would it look?

Slater: Chocolate at the bottom, then chocolate ice cream, wine, then chips and dip, sushi.

Me: Of the male characters that you’ve written, which is your favourite and why?

Slater: Sotza, who is the H in my upcoming book, Queen’s Move, because he’s ruthless, but thoughtful. Two qualities I’m always looking for in a man. Not thoughtful in that show up for dinner with roses and red wine, but because he’s brutal, smart, clever, intelligent and calm.

Me: So a psychopath?

Slater thinks this over and nods.

Me: Let’s play Murder, Fuck, Marry. Of the male characters you’ve written, which would you Marry, which would you Fuck, and which would you Murder and why?

Slater: Murder – I would kill Mercer in Fear in Her Eyes, because I wouldn’t be able to kill him. He’s too tough. So it would be just a murder attempt.

Me: Then he would cage you up, or tie you to the bed, or put a leash on you or….

Slater (side-stepping my comment): Marry – Ash from Fight or Flight because even though he’s dominant, he’s also probably the nicest; Fuck – Reyes in Scarred Queen. He’s very passionate, possessive. I wouldn’t marry him though because he’s a Bolivian mob moss. Mob bosses never end well.

slater books

Me: Dean or Sam?

Slater: Dean

Me: Who was more to blame? Adam or Eve?

Slater: Well, Adam, obviously.

Me: What would your pet say about you if I asked for a reference?

IMG_5967 (002)
Friday, Slater’s long-suffering pet

Slater: I love my mom. Sometimes she forgets to feed me And she doesn’t yell at me when I throw up on the carpet.

Me: Are you lying?

Slater: No my dog adores me.

Me: Sex on a first date?

(longgggg pause)

Slater: Not if it was someone I was interested in seeing long term. Yes, if it was just a fling.

Me: Oral sex on a first date?

Slater: See above

Me: What’s one thing you wouldn’t want your mother to know about you?

Slater: I had a one night stand this year. It was actually a two-night stand. Is my mother going to see this?

Me: No.

Slater looked at her watch at this point, drained her latte and told me that I had to go. So I did. She’s a bit bossy!


affection appreciation decoration design

Wishing everyone a fan-fucking-tastic New Years! Thanks for making 2018 so great!

Love Jasmin!

PS: Don’t forget to join Jasmin’s Dark Side, my closed FB group for updates and good times!


Naughty Secrets, Bad Boys, and Upcoming Trouble


Dear fellow voracious readers of dark romance!

Last Saturday I vacuumed my house completely naked! Yes! I’m not lying! It was a revenge naked-vacuum. I was getting back at my partner who deems his golfing buddies

Sexy maidservant with vacuum cleaner in living room
Sexy maidservant with vacuum cleaner in living room

more important than me on Saturday mornings.

I don’t always vacuum naked on Saturday mornings. Sometimes I clean the tub naked or dust. I don’t ever cook naked though – hot things splatter.

Hubs doesn’t know I do this for two reasons. First, I like that it’s a secret, it makes me feel particularly naughty that he doesn’t know what he’s missing out on because I never clean the house naked when he’s home. And second,  I have this wish that he comes home unexpectedly and catches me the act.

It could happen!

PS. So as not to cast him as the evil, dominating master overlord of our home, Hubs also cleans but he and I have differing opinions on what constitutes cleaning. And he’s never cleaned naked – I’m sure of it!

What’s your naughty secret?


Bad Boys and Free Books!

Available on Amazon

Two of my favourite things: a free book with a sexy, alpha male bad boy. The Darkest Hour, Running with the Devil Book 1 is available free on Amazon until December 3! You can always read it free on Kindle Unlimited, but this is a chance to get a perma-copy. Don’t miss out!


thomas-quaritsch-700313-unsplashDean was my first and as we all know, that first time is special. Okay, well not always, but in this case, definitely. Dean will continue to be one of my favourite bad boys of all time. He’s a little mean to Kelsie, but deep down he loves her. Those of you who have read The Darkest Hour, know that Kelsie was pregnant at the end. Well, she had the little one. Boy or girl you ask? My next book, Courting Trouble (Running with the Devil Book 6) reveals the sex of the baby!

Speaking of Courting Trouble

Running with the Devil Book 6 is on track to be released on December 28, 2018. The book’s title? If you guessed Courting Trouble, you’d be right!

teaser 1_olivia boots

This book has all the elements of a dark romance, but adds a some humour as Hugo Marsden navigates the hurricane that is Olivia West. Quite a few characters out of my previous books will make an appearance and we get introduced to a couple of new characters that may surface again in future books. You don’t want to miss this book! Courting Trouble will be the perfect read for those post-Christmas blues. 


What else is new?

Rusya Savisin is finally getting his own story in Running with the Devil Book 7. I’m still thinking about the title, but have the book pretty much sketched out and can’t wait to officially start it. I keep writing little paragraphs here and there as they come to me, but have to wrap things up with Hugo and Olivia before moving on.

And also…

A little big surprise in the new year. I can’t tell you about it because then it wouldn’t be a surprise. But I can drop a scintillating hint. It involves a writer friend of mine and some pretty fucking deep, dark, disturbing dirty writing. 

To You with Love

beverage blur candy candy cane

Finally, thank you so much for all your positive feedback on my writing. It’s what I love to do best and I’m lucky to get to do it and to have such a fantastic audience for it. 

My very best wishes to you all during the holiday season. I hope you get everything you wish for. Stay safe and happy.

Love Jasmin  xxoo

PS. For all the latest on what’s going on in my neighbourhood, join my closed Facebook Group, Jasmin’s Dark Side!


Hard Lessons, My Interview with Mr. Mafia himself and on becoming an International Best -Selling Author!

Hello my fellow lovers of all things big, long and hard!

October has been a wild month, but in such a great way!

Hard Lessons

Hard Lessons (Running with the Devil Book 5) is still in pre-sale mode for $0.99. Grab your copy now, while it’s on sale. The price will go up on October 25th, which is official release day (I’m happy dancing because I love this book)! Once released, you can buy Hard Lessons for $2.99 on Amazon or read it for FREE on Kindle Unlimited. It’s also going to be available in paperback!

I’ve signed up for a million takeovers this week and next (well, maybe not a million, but several) to talk about this book and share the other books I’ve published. There’s going to be a ton of fun and lots of giveaways.

If you’re interested in coming to one or more the takeovers, a list of where and when they will be happening is available on my closed group page, Jasmin’s Dark Side. Just pop over, ask to join and we will welcome you with open arms!

Now back to Hard Lessons and my interview with Jack Creed!

good looking guy
Jack Creed in a relaxed pose in his penthouse suite in Las Vegas

Why should you read Hard Lessons? Because Jack Creed makes the rules and like every good little submissive, you must follow them or you will be punished. Spectacularly!

I asked Mr. Creed to take a break from his busy work schedule as vicious, intense mob boss and super-dominant guy and sit down for an interview with me. I’m a lucky, lucky girl because he said yes. We met at his hotel and casino in his penthouse suite in Las Vegas. He poured me a glass of lovely Kenwood Jack London Merlot (#Nicole Heinz) and a glass of scotch for himself. We sat on his couch, facing each other. He is startling handsome, and I couldn’t help but picture his fuckable body naked and writhing under me.

The Interview

Me: Mr. Creed, thank you for taking time to sit down with me on your very sexy leather couch. As you are aware, my name is Jasmin Quinn, writer and totally hot babe.

J. Creed (nodding): Yes, sexy Jasmin, who I would absolutely carry off to the playroom if I weren’t so devoted to Mira.

Me (flushing): That’s kind of you to say, but I’m married.

J. Creed: Can he be bought?

HL Teaser 2

Me (grinning wickedly): Definitely, he can be bought – how do you think I got him in the first place? But can Mira?

J. Creed (a small frown playing at his lips): Not as easily. At least not with diamond necklaces.

Me (a little heart-broken): Let’s move on before I start weeping. I heard a rumour that you and Hugo Marsden had a 3-way with a lucky lady. Could you perhaps elaborate on that?

J. Creed (smiling wickedly): Jasmin, you naughty little thing. I don’t kiss and tell.

Me (grinning hopefully): That’s so good to hear, Mr. Creed. But let me challenge you on that just a little.

J. Creed shifts in his seat and looks at me sternly, his long fingers circling the rim of his whiskey glass like it was nipple or a….

Me (also shifting): You sent Mira’s boss, Aaron Leeds, some pictures of Mira in compromising poses. Pretty vanilla shit, but they got her fired, didn’t they?

J. Creed (dangerously): What’s your point, Jasmin?

Me (squirming in my seat, wishing I had gone commando this morning): Well, you hinted at other pictures, far more explicit than the ones you sent to Mr. Leeds.

J. Creed (pinning me in place with his dark eyes): I did.

Me (whispering): And were there, Mr. Creed? Were there more pictures of you…?

J. Creed (narrowing his brows): Time to change the subject, Jasmin. Unless you want to find out exactly why they call me Mr. Mafia.

Me (reluctantly changing the subject): I’ve noted that you are a very big stickler for rules. You seem to rule Vegas with an iron fist. Can you talk a little about what happens when people break your rules?

J.Creed: It all depends on who’s doing the breaking. If it’s some fuck who thinks he can mess with what’s mine, then it’s more than likely he’ll end up in pieces and buried in various locations around Vegas.

Me (nodding sagely and playing with my hair): I see. And if it’s say… oh, I don’t know… perhaps a woman you’re sweet on?

J. Creed (grinning): Well, Jasmin, here’s a scenario. Let’s say I’ve asked you to put on a short black leather dress and 4-inch red heels and you do.

pretty girl undressing her red panties on white background

Me (breathlessly): Yes.

J. Creed: But I tell you not to wear any underwear.

Me (still breathlessly, heart hammering in my chest): Yes, don’t stop.

J. Creed: But you put the panties on anyway.

Me (swallowing, fanning myself a little): Yes, yes. I did do that.

J. Creed (leaning forward and whispers in my ear): I would make you choose your punishment.

Me (whispering): Fuck me

J. Creed (grinning wickedly): That’s definitely one option.

***end of interview***

Speaking of really hot, awesome women!

HOL Teaser small
with Nicole Heinz, DD Prince, Nikita Slater, Bonny Bennett, and Jasmin Quinn

A bunch of us girls got together a couple of months ago to create an anthology called the Horror of our Love. There were so many paths we could have gone because what women doesn’t have a horror of a tale to tell about an ex- and/or current lover?

But with Halloween approaching, we decided to let the real bad boys out of their cages. My fellow authors and I wrote five delightfully twisted stories where the monsters get the happy ending.

The Horror of Our Love: A Twisted Tales Anthology was released on October 12 and it Stylish sexy beautiful young  woman model in summer clothes. Tonedquickly went #1 internationally in Erotic Horror!

Has the success gone to my head? No, I don’t think so. I’m still the amazingly sexy, talented writer I’ve always been (I’m kidding… sort of). My fellow authors are the very talented Nikita Slater, DD Prince, Nicole Heinz and Bonny Bennett and I owe my #1 status to them.

The Horror of our Love: A Twisted Tales Anthology is available on Amazon and FREE on Kindle Unlimited, so get your copy now and be prepared to be titillated and terrified!

What’s next?

I’m taking a wee vacation to Maui with my husband to make up for my willingness to dump him for Jack Creed. He knows Jack’s fictional, I know Jack’s fictional, but the bastard is coming between us. Ooooh, that almost sounds like another threesome!

After I get back, I am going to finish a book I started several months ago, unrelated to Running with the Devil (RWD). No fear though – I have at least five more books in the RWD series.

man holding wood standing
Photo by Alexandria Baldridge on Pexels.com

This new book will be called The Cowboy Way (or something equally clever) and yep, if you guessed there was a cowboy in it, you’d be right. I’m planning for an end of December release.

I also plan to start a new series – either a trilogy or a sixology (or any number in between 3 and 6) called After Dark BDSM Series. Guess what it’s about! No, seriously, guess.

And finally, I developed a serious crush on Hawes, my shape-shifting super-alpha wolf in First Blood Moon, the story I authored for The Horror of Our Love Anthology. I want to explore that relationship in a little more depth, see what the shifter world is about, see if there’s room for a wolf-shifter in my life. If I’m lucky, Hawes will agree to an interview for an upcoming blog!


Have a great Halloween!  See you on the Dark Side (see what I did there?)!

Love Jasmin



The Big O – The Horror of Our Love Release Party and more Hard Lessons!

Hello fellow lovers of hot sex (in and out of romance novels),

Let’s talk about words that start with O!

Like October. Oh, and Orgasm. It’s double Os. Now we know where ‘Oh Oh’ came from, as in “Oh, Oh, please don’t stop!”

I love October! It’s my favourite month of the year because on the west coast of Canada, it’s that cooling off month where the leaves turn colour, the air smells minty fresh, the moon is bright against the night sky and the chill from an open window adds a sexy element to nighttime cuddling.

Yes, I am a romantic despite my protests.

October in Canada means Thanksgiving, so Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian

Photo by Tony Hernandez on Unsplash

readers and friends! It also means Halloween (okay, Halloween is not something Canada invented even if we seriously have some scary dudes!).

And how do grown-up’s celebrate Halloween? If you’re me, you open a bottle of red wine, don a sexy costume, add a little make up and throw a few come-hither looks your partner’s way. It generally works, as long as I’m not competing with the World Series!

Or you could just curl up with your favourite toy and an awesome romance book by your favourite author (or me…).

Which brings me to …

We’re having a release party and you’re all invited!

43466990_10155919607760017_7761764197527977984_nWhy? The Horror of Our Love, A Twisted Tales Anthology is officially released on Amazon!

Where? Facebook

When? October 12, 8 pm EST

Drop by to connect with the authors of this anthology and enter to win some awesome prizes!

RSVP here

The Horror of Our Love, a Twisted Tales Anthology

This Anthology has five unsettling, horror romance novellas written by five fabulous writers! Buy it on Amazon today for $0.99 USD before the price goes up to $3.99. And of course, it’s always FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

Who might these lovely writers be?

Well, me for starters (Jasmin Quinn in case you need a reminder). My novella is titled First Blood Moon and let’s just say it makes the Werewolf in London look like Bambi (actually, it eats Bambi for breakfast!).

About First Blood Moon by Jasmin Quinn (ME!)

blood moon scene with dark woods. 3d illustration

Grace is running for her life, running towards her fate. Rescued from one nightmare to be thrust into another by Hawes, a man, a wolf, a demon. Her mate. Or so it is prophesied.

Hawes, part-wolf, part-demon, Alpha of his pack. Waiting for his mate to arrive. Waiting to take her innocence, waiting to plant his seed. Waiting to create a God.

The world will change on the night of the Hunter’s Blood Moon…

The other amazing authors who have contributed to The Horror of Our Love Anthology are:

Stalked – Nikita Slater

Hollow – DD Prince

Masked – Nicole Heinz

The Tombstone Tourist – Bonny Bennett

You are absolutely going to love these novellas – each one reflecting the author’s personal writing style, all of them compelling and engaging, and as scary as that scene in the Exorcist when Regan’s head turns 360 degrees (I jest – nothing is that scary except Hannibal Lecter in any scene in Silence of the Lambs)!

If you haven’t already, put the Anthology on your To-Read List on Goodreads! Once you’ve read the stories, don’t forget to review the book!

And Come to the party!

Switching topics, but not really!

Since we’re talking about scary stuff, Mr. Mafia, Jack Creed merits a mention. Another reason why October is so fantastic. Hard Lessons will be out on October 25th. But it’s up for presales, so grab your copy now for just $0.99 on Amazon! The price will go up October 25th!


No sound, Mira. No crying, no sobbing, no screaming, no protesting, no moaning. No words. Not even a whimper.

What happens when Mira, superstar Las Vegas prosecuting attorney goes toe-to-toe withFemale hands tied with ribbon and rose flowers isolated on black Jack Creed, dark, dangerous mafia man? What happens when Mira puts Jack’s brother away for 15 years for what she deems a BDSM-related murder?

Jack gets mad is what happens! He decides the pretty lawyer needs a few Hard Lessons of her own to bring her to heel.

While he’s schooling Mira on her true submissive nature, someone is chipping away at his criminal empire, murdering his men and interfering with his operations. Jack needs his brother out of jail and back in the game and he’ll do anything to make it happen, including exploiting Mira’s vulnerabilities.

This is a story of seduction, betrayal, and second chances. It explicitly explores elements of BDSM including bondage, dominance, submission, and pain play. For adults (18+) only.

Thanks to Jack Creed, I’m starting a new 3-book series which will focus on BDSM as the central theme in each of the books. I haven’t quite settled on a name for the series but am working on Book 1. That doesn’t mean an end to the Running with the Devil series. There’s a whole lot more story to be told. Book 6 of Running with the Devil is in progress as well.

To finish on an orgasmic bang, here are a few of my other favourite O words:

Obscene – I love this one. I love pairing this one with erection, as in… his erection was obscene!

Obscenity – Also words I love. My editor always tells me to tone it down a little. Believe it or not, the final edits of my books are exceptionally toned down.

Old fashioned – that’s a hand job, or as Anto Kharzin likes to call it, a do-it-your-selfer.

One-night-stand – I’ve had them, but never intentionally. I’m too much of a romantic to not think about the potential of a relationship with every guy I’m intimate with. But some men can be pricks (oops, forgot it was O word day) and not always appreciative of the amazing sex they were lucky enough to get.

And then of coarse, the BIG O!

nagatoshi-shimamura-790786-unsplash_croppedI love them. I love having them, I love giving them, I love writing about them. I swear I’m not a complete sex fiend, but I truly believe that the human sexual drive is as natural as horns on a unicorn and not something women should be shy about, ashamed of or apologize for.

Orgasms for women are not always easy. It took me a while to learn how to have awesome ones and as a young woman (I’m still young, just not very…), I couldn’t understand what was wrong with me because I wasn’t orgasming during sex. Thank god for Google. You know what? About 75% of women don’t reach orgasm from intercourse alone!

We need more that just vaginal stimulation, we need a sex toy, hands or a tongue, which is why my female characters don’t just pop off their orgasms when Mr. Perfect Mafia Man slips them the dickie. They need a little work, a little stimulation, a little foreplay, post-play, toys, fingers, tongues.

Mmmm hmmm… on that happy note, gotta go!

Happy O to you!

Love Jasmin

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