BDSM – Some Hard Lessons!

Dear Dark Romance Readers!

Guess what my next book is about! If you thought BDSM, you’d be right, but not just that; well mostly that. The book is called Hard Lessons (great name, hey?) and will be released on October 25.

What happens when you put Mira, superstar Las Vegas prosecuting attorney, in a court room with Jack Creed, dark, alpha mafia man? What happens when Mira puts Jack’s brother, Robert, away for 15 years? Well shit hits the fan is what happens!

Jack’s not happy. Mira’s not happy. Michael Black and Isabelle Sterling, who make an appearance in Hard Lessons, aren’t happy (the dry Las Vegas heat is murder on Isabelle’s skin).

I’m so excited about this book, I can hardly wait until it’s released! In the meantime, to ensure you’re ready for Jack Creed’s version of BDSM, I’m giving a few lessons of my own. Don’t worry, they’re supersoft like rainbows and unicorns (okay that’s just bullshit – I don’t do rainbows and unicorns).

Let’s start with Jasmin’s definitions of BDSM

Well, not just mine, Google’s too.

B is for Bondage. Being tied up or restrained by such things as ropes, tape, stockings, ties or other such things.

D is for Discipline. Using rules and punishments to control or correct behaviour. This is exercised to any degree as consented to. Punishments are discussed and agreed upon but generally not something the sub would derive enjoyment from. Such punishments include lectures, physical pain, humiliation, loss of freedom or privileges etc. Often in romance novels, when spanking is used as a form of punishment, it’s not actually punishment if it gets the heroine hot and turns into super-steamy sex.

D is also for Dominance & S is for Submission. This is the power exchange between two people and is closely linked to discipline. One person has control over the other’s actions. A Sub isn’t a Sub because her partner is a Dom. A Sub chooses the role because she derives pleasure from it. The same is true of a Dom.

S is also for Sadism & M is for Masochism. This is the pleasure derived from giving or receiving pain or humiliation.

BDSM is NOT intentional cruelty toward a nonconsenting person. It’s not dark, violent or disturbed as often portrayed in the media. It’s not shameful or sinful. It’s as public or private as two (or more) consenting adults wish it to be. It can be fun, humourous, intense, experimental, edgy and fucking fantastic!

In Hard Lessons, after a particularly intense love-making scene, Jack says to Mira, “There’s no shame in what we did, Mira.” And he’s right. As long as it’s consensual.

Do I indulge in BDSM? Yes. Don’t we all? Do you like to scratch your nails along your lover’s back while you’re making love? Have your hair or throat grabbed during sex? Be blindfolded, tied up, or occasionally slapped on the ass? Nipples nipped, pinched or sucked hard? These are all lighter elements of BDSM.

And they’re exciting.

I am not exactly a submissive but give me a hot guy with a hard body and both my will and body become increasingly bendable. I am also not into the harder elements of BDSM because I don’t get turned on by giving or receiving pain. A little dominance from my partner during sex? Oh yes, please! It’s edgy, it’s hot and it’s entirely consensual. Do I have a safe word? Not really, because the BDSM is light and I can stop it anytime by kicking my partner in the balls (just kidding… sort of). I also don’t have a contract, the play isn’t always discussed in advance, and sometimes the lube rolls under the bed.

But when my partner tells me to do something, and I say, “Make me.” And he does, the sex gets smoking hot!

Light BDSM is often an element of Romance Books

I read romance for several reasons, including the erotica elements of it. It’s a way to immerse myself in a fantasy that may not be totally acceptable to me in my everyday reality. It’s very unlikely I would fall in love with a misogynistic, controlling, alpha male kidnapper (Anto Kharzin anyone?) because in real life, a man like this would be a true psychopath who wouldn’t respect or exercise boundaries. But in my fantasy world, yup, Anto’s my guy.

I’m not going to go into the deeper psychological reasons why romance fiction is such a popular genre (perhaps a future blog) but reading and engaging in light BDSM is a way to let go of or take control of our lives. When it’s shared between loving, respectful partners (or by yourself with a magic wand) it adds multiple dimensions (and orgasms) to our fantasy and sex lives. It’s an awesome escape from the real world.

So then, what’s the problem?

Jack Creed teaserIn Hard Lessons (Running with the Devil, Book 5 – October 25 release), Jack is an alpha male who understands Mira’s submissive nature. However, he’s also a manipulative, duplicitous bastard who takes advantage of Mira’s vulnerability to utterly destroy her life. At the same time, he doesn’t push beyond her limits. He is gentle and caring and is truly regretful for his emotional manipulation of her. He makes the rules and when Mira breaks them, he punishes her. He’s so hot in his rules and his discipline that I… ahem… might be getting a little… um… turned on just writing this.

Excuse me while I take a short break.

Okay, I’m back. Where was I? Oh yes, Jack and Mira. Dom/Sub.

Does Mira consent? Yes and no. I rewrote the first few chapters several times, each time giving Mira a little more willingness to be a consenting participant. But Hard Lessons skirts the edge of consensual sex, especially at the beginning. It takes Mira time to come to terms with her submissive nature and her feelings for Jack. She fights her desire to be dominated by Jack; resists the idea that a little pain turns her on.

It doesn’t help that Jack manipulates her emotionally, but despite his assholeishness, he’s a caring Dom who ensures that Mira is okay every step of the way. He’s also one of those rare alpha males that’s willing to give up a little control himself for his partner’s pleasure.

Have I made you curious yet?

The Test

You know there had to be one. After all, I’m in control today.

Question 1:

Your guy (or girl) wants to tie you up and fuck you senseless.

Do you:

  1. Say, yes please
  2. Tie him up instead
  3. Go get the fluffy pink handcuffs
  4. All of the above

Question 2:

You’ve heard of this awesome upcoming book by Jasmin Quinn called Hard Lessons.

Do you:

  1. Add it to your TBR list on Goodreads 
  2. Sign up for Jasmin’s newsletter so you don’t miss the release date
  3. Join Jasmin’s closed Facebook group, Jasmin’s Dark Side
  4. All of the above

If you chose D as your answer for both questions, you are truly my kind of girl or guy!

Happy reading my love slaves!

Love Jasmin

Without Mercy, oh my!

Women are good for one thing and when he’s done, he wants them gone. Except her, his captive. It’s not good. Love might just get him killed!

Dear Fellow Steamy Romance Readers!

My new e-book, WITHOUT MERCY (Running with the Devil Book Four), is officially available on Amazon!

I am so excited about this book because I’m secretly in love with Anto and you will be too if you aren’t already after reading Black Surrender (Running with the Devil Book 3). At risk of immodesty, this is my best book ever! I know what you’re thinking – how could it possibly be better than Black Surrender? But it is, I swear on black lace Brazilian panties!

The cost is a mere $2.99 and for that price you get almost 100,000 words of Anto Kharzin at his rawest. Of course you can download it FREE anytime on KINDLE UNLIMITED!

Warning: This book is sizzling with naughty language, murder, mayhem and HOT, HOT sex. For adults only.

What’s Without Mercy about?

grunge interior

If you’re Anto, kidnapping is just another word for love.

Anto Kharzin is a wild man with a dark past and uncertain future. He likes to box, drink vodka and have sex. But he’s taking a hiatus so he can kidnap a woman, take her to a remote mountain lodge and keep her safe for the next few months.  What he can’t understand is why she isn’t more grateful.

Marisol Doherty was a having an uneventful day until a hulking, tattooed, bearded psychopath kidnapped her, hogtied her and locked her in a cage. Now he wants her to say thank you.

They come from opposite worlds, thrown together by violence and bloodshed. As their lives unravel around them and they don’t know who to trust, their desire for each other is undeniable. And for Anto, the closer he gets to Marisol, the higher the stakes become.

Without Mercy is Book 4 of the Running with the Devil Series

About Running with the Devil book series

It’s so good to be bad!

This steamy romance series takes readers on a thrill ride as the rivalry between Rusya Savisin, Russian Mob Boss and the mysterious Mr. Jackman heats up. Romance blooms with intensity as innocents get drawn into the dark terrifying worlds that Jackman and Savisin rule. Each book in the series is standalone but are connected by common themes and characters.

Other books in the series include:

The Darkest Hour (Running with the Devil Book 1)

Secrets inside Her (Running with the Devil Book 2)

Black Surrender (Running with the Devil Book 3)

And now onto the other really important stuff below!!!!

I might be a little bit fickle.

I have discovered a love for Brazilian panties and I can’t stop buying them (or wearing them). I blame the lovely, demure Marisol Doherty, Anto’s obsession in Without Mercy. She wears them and Anto loves them. And I want Anto to love me! Okay, yes, I know he’s not real, that I made him up, that I shouldn’t be jealous of Marisol and try to kill her off in future books (I won’t, I swear). I know that, but damn it, I didn’t realize how sad I would be with Anto off the market. And holy, is he ever the guy for me. In and out of the sack!

But uhmmm, Jack Creed might be too. I did a bad thing wiJack Creed teaserth my last blog and suggested that Jack’s book, Hard Lessons, might be out on September 25th. That was me being overly optimistic about my skills as a writer. I have about 100 pages of Jack’s story written, but that’s barely the tip of the iceberg because his story is so HOT you may have to wear oven mitts to read it (or just drink a lot of wine and change the batteries in your vibrator).

And speaking of hot, hard to handle men, Dean from The Darkest Hour (RWD Book 1) shows up in Without Mercy to give his good friend, Anto, a helping hand. He hasn’t changed much – he’s still a mean prick, but he doesn’t show up alone. Who’s with him you ask? Sorry no spoilers, but it’s someone new to readers; just taking this character for a test run to see if she might be future book-worthy. Let me know what you think!

Rusya Savisin is back too and I am finding him more and more intriguing every time I write him. He might be the one for me, although he’s going to have to be pretty special to usurp Anto’s place in my heart. And there’ll be others, I just know there will.

Summer Makeovers

I got a haircut in July! I now I have shoulder-length hair and look perky, young(er) and impish (according to friends, family and the mailman). I was going for sexy, sultry and vixenish, but a compliment’s a compliment, I guess.Grey bedroom with geometric carpet

I thought it was important that I not be selfish and so I gave Black Surrender (RWD Book 3) a makeover too – a new cover with sexy, sultry Isabelle front and centre (I defy anyone to call her perky or impish). It’s hot, she’s hot and Michal Black, well you know, fucking awesomely hot even if he isn’t on the cover!

I’ve also been fixing little errors in my books and republishing the books. It’s hard to catch every error before I publish even with the fantastic editor I have, so when readers let me know of missed words, punctuation issues (and in one case, problems with stockings and shoes in the shower), I fix and update. Don’t be shy. I welcome feedback!

Which brings me to my next topic…

Thank you to my reviewers!

God, I love this writing gig! It’s the one thing I’ve always wanted to do in life, so it’s a dream come true for me.

I’m starting to sell more books and get more kindle reads and that is so validating. Reviews of my books are starting to grow and so far, they’ve been great! So thank you readers for liking my books and thank you reviewers your ratings and feedback. It’s so appreciated.

Shout out to British Columbia Forest Fighters!

Firemen, am I right? Sizzling hot! I live close to a fire station and on the rare occasion that I roll out of my heart-shaped bed early in the morning and go outside (the two together are almost as rare as a Sasquatch sighting), I’ve had the good fortune to see the boys out running, TOGETHER(!), and SHIRTLESS! It’s jaw-dropping, heart-stopping madness. I’ve drooled more than once in my coffee.

But I digress.

British Columbia, Canada, my home province, is currently under a state of emergency as over 500 forest fires are burning across the province. The smoke from these fires is so bad that it has spread across the western provinces and into the neighbouring US states. It’s not a pleasant experience breathing the smoke day in and day out and I’m lucky enough to be fairly removed from it. My heart goes out to all British Columbians who are living and breathing the threat of these forest fires.

My good thoughts, well wishes and love to the men and women who are on the front lines fighting these fires. You are heroes!

Happy reading lovely ones!

Love Jasmin

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PSS. My bed isn’t really heart-shaped.

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