Shifters of Darkness Falls Series

Primal. Savage. Untamed. The Shifters of Darkness Falls will leave you breathless!

Trist liked her life. Middle of the pack, no pressure, no expectations until she’s traded to a new pack. 

Now she’s the omega, bottom of the pecking order and has the attention of not only Raff, the savage, unfiltered beta of her new pack, but also a stalker who wants to make Trist his own. 

Raff doesn’t play nice, ever. And he gets what he wants. Right now he wants Trist and he’ll take out anyone who gets in his way. 

As the two follow their hearts, dangerous forces are at play that threaten not only their love but also Trist’s life. 

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“I feel broken, Aztec. I don’t know if I can give you what you want.”
Aztec leaned into her, his hot breath caressing her neck. “I can make it easy for you, Eva. I can take it.”

Aztec has loved Eva since she arrived in Darkness Falls three years ago as a rookie cop, but she’s human and he worries that he won’t be able to control his wolf around her.

Eva’s recovering from a shifter attack that’s left her physically and emotionally scarred. Her strength of will helps her healing process, but it’s still a daily struggle.

When she realizes that Aztec wants her as his fated mate, she’s forced to face not only her fears but also her desire for him. As Eva heals, she and Aztec must make some hard decisions that have dangerous consequences.

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“I can have anything I want,” Gideon said, his warm breath brushing the shell of Honi’s ear.
Honi pressed her back into the hard wall. “No, you can’t, Gideon. You can’t have me.”

As Alpha of one of the biggest wolf shifter packs in North America, Gideon has power, respect, wealth, and any woman he wants. Until he lays eyes on Honi, a beautiful redheaded shifter from a rival pack who won’t give him the time of day.

Honi is on the run, hiding from an abusive pack that wants her back, when she catches the eye of Gideon, the only man who makes her heart beat faster. But Gideon is aggressive, dangerous, and alpha, a reminder of the brutal life she left behind.

When her former pack hunts her down, she turns to Gideon for help. The fire that ignites between them unleashes Gideon’s possessive protective side – he will burn down the world to keep Honi safe.

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“I thought about you a lot over the years, Wolverine. Of how we ended things.”
“You ended things! It was your choice!” Cherime didn’t need this blustering fool talking about the feels with her. “Are you on some sort of 12-step program?”

Eight years ago, Cherime spent a wild weekend with Ren, Alpha of the Mountain pack, but it ended badly.

Now, the arrogant jackass is back, thanks to a late spring snowstorm that strands Cherime in his territory.

When Ren comes across Cherime breaking into his community hall, he can’t resist the pull of nature.

He gets way more than he bargained for when he offers shelter Cherrime for a few days. As their mutual passion explodes into a war of epic proportions, Cherime’s life is threatened by a predator in his territory.

While cops and shifters hunt for the serial killer in their midst, Ren and Cherime have battles of their own to fight. Will they find their way back to each other or are they destined to be enemies forever?

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Ulrich has his hands full with his job, his crazy ex-wife, and his 12-year-old son, Tag, who recently moved in with him.

Aubrey has a secret crush on a man… no, shifter male… who has secrets he won’t share, a resentful pre-teen son, and an air of authority and danger that gets her heart racing and the rest of her body heated. She’s knows she’s his fated mate. The problem is trying to convince him of that.

As the universe keeps throwing them together, their lives spin out of control. He’s hunting the serial killer that killed Aubrey’s sister and fears Aubrey could become the next victim. As he gets closer to the truth, his feelings for Aubrey spill over into uncontrollable passion.

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Leah is a shifter who can’t shift, an omega who doesn’t act like one, a loner who dances to her own drummer. She is also the guardian of women, but no one needs to know that.

Lucien is an Alpha shifter living his life as nature intended until one rainy night when he stumbles across Leah, lost, wet, and in trouble.

As their worlds collide, Leah begins to imagine a different life where she’s respected and loved. Safe. But the shadows lurking in Darkness Falls are closing in fast, threatening to destroy her newfound happiness.

Some won’t survive.

But where one story ends, another begins.

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