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Gem: I am a pet. I was taken against my will when I was 11 years old. Trained by Adrian Lambert, a gay man who never touched me. Eight years I lived under his rules and rigid expectations. And then he died. Now I have a new owner. One who doesn’t want me, doesn’t need me. One who doesn’t know the rules.

Harlow: She’s kneeling when I see her. A collar clipped around her neck, and her wrists and ankles are fitted with cuffs. She’s a contradiction between naïve and intelligent. An enticing morsel who has no idea how beautiful she is. So tempting. So hard to resist. How long before I take her innocence? How long before I destroy her?

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“I cannot claim you, Grace, not until the night of the Hunter’s Blood Moon. But you cannot say no to me. I will be the only man you will ever bed willingly.”

Grace is running for her life, running towards her fate. Rescued from one nightmare to be thrust into another by Hawes, a man, a wolf, a demon. Her mate. Or so it is prophesied.

Hawes, part-wolf, part-demon, Alpha of his pack. Waiting for his mate to arrive. Waiting to take her innocence, waiting to plant his seed. Waiting to create a God.

The world will change on the night of the Hunter’s Blood Moon.

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