Running with the Devil Series

It’s so good to be bad!

Kelsie is alone and vulnerable when Dean, a sexy as sin lunatic, invades her life, forcing her on the run with him.

Dean is running hurt from the Russian mafia; he’s torn between his job as an operative for a secret organization and his lust for the woman he’s holding captive.

Dean knows Kelsie is a distraction and a liability, but he wants her in his bed and he won’t take no for an answer.  

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Some secrets are worth killing for, but are they worth dying for?

Finn is a hard cop with a secret that feeds his rage and fuels his darkness. When Nika enlists his help, his lust for her makes him reckless and savage.

When Nika is taken from him, he realizes she is his light out of the darkness, his reason to live. He will bring down anything and anyone that stands between him and his future with her. 

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NOTE: Previously titled Black Surrender!

Michael Black is perfect. Charming, good-looking, dangerous and unscrupulous. But women don’t own him. Ever.

Until Isabelle…

Isabelle Sterling is feisty woman with a dazzling smile, exquisite curves, and a deadly secret. When a case of mistaken identity, throws them together, they end up on the run.

Can they trust each other or will betrayal destroy their love?

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Anto is a wild man with a dark past and uncertain future.

He meets his match with Marisol, a shy Irish girl who he’s kidnapped to save her life.

Marisol is scared to death of the hulking, tattooed, bearded psychopath who’s kidnapped her.

They’re thrown together by violence and bloodshed. As their lives unravel around them, their desire for each other is undeniable. And for Anto, the closer he gets to Marisol, the higher the stakes become.

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Jack Creed, a dark, dangerous mob boss rules Las Vegas, and that includes the pretty prosecuter who put Jack’s brother, Rob, away for 15-years for a BDSM-related murder.

Jack plans to take Mira down, but he’s got other problems – someone is chipping away at his empire.

Jack needs his brother out of jail and he’ll do anything to make it happen, including exploiting Mira’s vulnerabilities.

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Hugo’s in Las Vegas working a job for the cartel when he finds himself the owner of a very curvy, very blond, very feisty woman .

Olivia doesn’t know she’s been sold and bought when she seeks Hugo’s help to find her supposedly dead husband.

What starts out as a missing husband case becomes a treacherous game of cat and mouse as Hugo and Olivia navigate both the dangers they encounter and their growing love for each other.

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Rusya Savisin, Russian mob boss. Not a nice guy. There isn’t a single line he won’t cross.

Esma Akkaya, wanted for murder in Turkey. Recovering alcoholic. Hot mess with a huge secret.

For Esma and Rusya, falling in love isn’t part of the plan. Rusya will take her, keep her, use her, shatter her. And that’s before he finds out she’s a traitor.

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Six years ago, Katya made a mistake and she’s been running ever since. She thought she finally found safety, but her past is about to catch up with her.

Aleksei, a deadly assassin has been hunting Katya. She took something that didn’t belong to her and his job is to retrieve it and kill her.

But once he has her, his heart tells him to keep her. Now they’re on the run together because hitmen don’t get severance pay.

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Astrid knows she’s out of her depth with Mack, a sexy Australian with dangerous secrets. By saving his life, she risks the wrath of Rusya Savisin, the deadly Russian Mob boss.

Mack is many things; a conman, a criminal, an undercover agent. When he’s suddenly pulled from his undercover job, he finds himself the target of an enemy. He needs razor-sharp focus to make sure he doesn’t get dead while he figures out who’s after him.

Astrid’s a sexy complication Mack didn’t count on; her beauty and attitude are distracting. When she’s taken by his enemy, Mack will do whatever it takes to get her back including taking on the bratva.

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Robert Creed’s dark desires got him locked up for the murder of his girlfriend. Exonerated, his plan for vengeance involves Emma, a beautiful woman who might just be Rob’s undoing.

Emma has a plan. Get her drug-addicted sister cleaned up and then find somewhere to hide far away from the sadistic reach of her boss, Randall Scott.

What she doesn’t count on is Robert Creed, a man who catches her interest and steals her heart. But he’s hard, dangerous, and grieving, and he’s using Emma to get to her boss.

History repeats itself when Emma goes missing, but this time Rob will move heaven and earth to defeat his enemy and save his woman.

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She’s a spy with a personal agenda. He’s a criminal with an obsession.

Brook is too much woman for most men to handle. As a trained government agent, she’s focused, deadly and tough as nails. She’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done even if it means going toe-to-toe with an enigmatic and dangerous Russian criminal.

To the world, Jackman is a philanthropic billionaire, but behind the façade, he runs a ruthless underground organization, his end goal to take down the men who destroyed his family.

When criminal meets spy, fireworks explode between the two with deadly consequences. Deception from all sides breaks their trust and threatens their love.

They have nothing to lose except each other.

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From international best-selling author, Jasmin Quinn, comes the explosive final chapter in the Running with the Devil series!

“I need to trust one person in this world, Mel.”

When Owen’s father is murdered, not only does Owen inherit the old man’s fortune, he also becomes successor to the complications of his father’s criminal empire.

His instant attraction to Mel, the woman he hires to investigate his father’s past, adds complications to his already tumultuous life.

Mel’s heart wept for him. “You can trust me, Owen.”

Mel’s past has left her scarred and vulnerable, and though she has all the skills she needs to fight the enemy of the day, she has no defense against her desire for Owen Scott. He’s an open book, and she… well… she’s a terrible liar, so she keeps her secrets buried.

Their quest to find the mother who abandoned Owen when he was a child brings them closer together even as a shocking discovery threatens their future.

They have nothing to lose except each other.

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5 thoughts on “Running with the Devil Series”

  1. Amazing series. Love the thriller and passion. Please tell me there is a book next in pipeline. What happens to rusya abd jackman now. Do they stop their feud.

    Want a story of Owen. Where is michael black?

    Why didn’t jackman think of who betrayed him in helping esma out from his compound?

    What happened to hugo?

    Please bring them back in the story.

    A face-off maybe with all the ppl taking sides to rusya and jackman.

    Please please share the next story soon!!!


    1. Thank you! Book 12 will be released in November. It’s the last book in the series and Owen gets his story.. I can’t promise the feud will be resolved, but there is a twist that ties up the series. I’ll also be writing two novellas – a prequel and a postscript. I’m not sure we’ll see Hugo again, though I miss him a lot. He is one of my favourite characters. Micheal might drop by in Book 12. He still works for Jackman, but has his hands full with Isabelle.


  2. OMG. Thanks sooo much for responding. I love your books. Have been losing on too much of sleep over the content. But absolutely delicious writing and plots.

    I should not be saying this but a few grammatical errors could be fixed. If you share them with me, I would love to do so.

    Also using ‘affect’ instead of ‘effect’ somehow kills the sentence.
    Marisol’s sister’s name was changed from Kelsie’s story to Marisol’s. (Same thing with Eva’s saviour in shifters of darkness series)

    But I am too invested to care over these things. However most of the comments are about these errors on amazon which should not be the case given how your stories are so much better than other romances/thrillers/paranormal stories.

    Really, please keep up the good work.


  3. Thanks again for your kind words. I’m so happy you love my books. I appreciate you feedback because it’s spot on. You have a good eye. I’m currently going through the books to update and catch those pesky errors, especially in my earlier books. My proofreader, who I’ve been working with for only a year is making her way through the set. Thanks again, Sakshi!


  4. Hi Jasmin
    I have a question regarding ‘Shifters of darkness series’
    Book 1: Basic Instinct
    Book 2: Fierce Intentions
    Book 3: Alpha’s Prey
    Book 4..
    Book 5: Primal Heat

    Which one is Book 4? Or have I missed it?

    Could not find the information on Goodreads, your website or even on Amazon


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