Becoming a Stalker, Shattered Release and a Bucketful of News you’re gonna love!

Dear Fellow stalkers!

I have some exciting news to share – besides the Shattered release (more on that below).

I’m stalking someone!

I know! I didn’t think I had it in me either. I mean in my late teens/early 20s I thought every male with a penis was worthy of my attention. All a guy had to say to me was “excuse me, you’re spilling your popcorn on me”, and my youthful hormone-driven self interpreted that to mean, “I’d like to take you for a five-course meal”, which was code for kissing, French-kissing, foreplay, serious oral sex and then full-out depraved sex. That’s all the prompting I needed to track down his full name, address, past, present and future girlfriends, credit card numbers, job history, investments, etc.

Not the real colour of my eyes… or my plants. (photo by alex iby unsplash)

I gave all that up when I got married, but to be fair, had I not been a stalker, I wouldn’t be married, which is also why I’m now a little leery of stalking. Even though I’m all for reverse harems, I find sharing space with one man challenging, so should I ever be fortunate enough to have several husbands, I would have to have a place to put them all so they didn’t drive me mad.

But still, I’M STALKING SOMEONE and if feels so good and he’s real – not a fictional boyfriend, although I have a few of those I’m stalking too.

So who am I stalking?

Not actual representation of my stalkee (Photo by Emiliano Vittoriosi unsplash)

It’s early days in the relationship and I’m not sure how it’s going to pan out, so I won’t share his name. What I will tell you is he’s a celebrity (not Ryan Reynolds, though I’m hoping this will make him sit up and take notice).

I’ve signed up for all his social media. I know he’s married and has children. I know their names. I know where he lives, I know what he drives, and I know his net worth. I know what his dogs’ names are, I know how much he weighs, his favourite food and the size of his penis.

He’s a little too old for me (actually if he’s a man and he’s breathing, he’s not too old), but that just makes him all that more desirable. I’ve been thinking about asking him if he’ll interview for my blog, but I find myself suddenly shy. I don’t know if my heart could take his rejection.

Enough about Mr. Mystery. Let’s move on.

I’m literally brimming (not really) with news!

So many things are new! That’s always the case, because I love writing! I love romance! I love writing dark, edgy romance! I don’t love exclamation marks though, so I don’t know why I’m using so many.

Shattered is on the bookshelf!

And oh my god, I love this book! It’s a little crazy, but I’ve read this book at least ten times (yeah, I know it’s called editing, but I’m probably one of my most devoted fans). I thought cropped-banner-shattered-and-rose.jpgHard Lessons was my masterpiece, but now I think this one is my Vermeer (what’s a Vermeer you ask? On March 15th you’ll get to find out – more on that below). I struggled with the pairing of Esma and Rusya because I couldn’t figure out how to make it work, but isn’t that what good romance novels are about – characters overcoming obstacles to finally find lasting love? In this case, one of Esma’s and Rusya’s big obstacles was themselves. They both had to change. That’s the joy and curse of true love. Fucking compromise.

Which is why I am now stalking someone. Stalkers don’t compromise.

What’s next in RWD?

pastsins-cover-finalNeither do hitmen, which is what’s coming down the pipes in June 2019 with Past Sins, Running with the Devil Book 8 (holy – 8 books!). You’ve already met Katerina in previous books (Without Mercy, Courting Trouble, and Shattered). She’s the pretty young Russian who works for Anto as his computer geek. Even Anto wonders why she’s on his payroll.

Alexei, a Russian hitman, is after her to make her atone for something she did six years ago. Who the hell knows how this is going to play out? Will Alexei kill Katya? Or will they fall in love and live happily ever after? And who is Nikita, and will he die gruesomely? So many unanswered questions. I can hardly wait!

And finally, the new series!

Basic Instinct cover Darkness Falls CoverI’ve been threatening you with a new series, and one of the things that makes me such a good stalker is that I never make idle threats. So yes, my readers, shifters are coming!!! You heard it here first (not really – you heard in the Dark Side first unless you’re not a member, then you heard it here first) (unless someone told you, which I suppose could happen).

Shifters. Wolves to be exact. Not bears (sorry bear shifter people) because bears are loners and I wanted packs. Also, I couldn’t figure out how bears and wolves could reproduce. I had a long talk with my girl, Nikita Slater, on this and she was very clear that they could reproduce. But still, no bears.

This series is going to be awesome! My penchant for wild, primal, unapologetic male characters will serve me well because shifter’s rule by instinct. The entire concept gives me chills.

Shifters are the species between repressed, stick-up-their-asses humans and real wolves. They embrace instinct, don’t fight it, but still, a lot of what they do is more human than    wolf. Trist (Basic Instinct, Shifters of Darkness Falls Book 1).

Want to know more about this series? Read Shattered and at the back, you’ll find the first two chapters of Basic Instinct (Shifters of Darkness Falls Book 1). And stay even more tuned and you will get to read the entire book on April 26th!

What does this mean for Running with the Devil?

It’s not the end of the Running with the Devil Series – I can’t let my mafia bad boys go that easily. There will be 5 more books in the RWD series (books 8-12) and two novellas. Too quote Anto, “You’re gonna love it!”

And even more fucking news!

Beautiful, nude woman body silhouette and a glass of drinkOh my fucking god, I’m having the best time this year! Nikita Slater and I have teamed up to write a series of dark, edgy novellas that will leave you breathless.

These After Dark novellas are for readers who love uncompromising, sexually-explicit romance.

They include elements of BDSM, dub/non-con sex and other dark erotic themes. They represent women’s darkest desires and fantasies and explore the dark side of love, romance, passion and obsession. They are naughty, uncensored and unapologetic.

All novellas are standalone, HEA with no cheating.

Collared: A Dark Captive Romance (After Dark) is now on pre-order only $0.99 on Amazon!

Grab a copy today of Nikita Slater’s and Jas Quinn’s first novella collaboration!!!

strawberriesCollared: A Dark Captive Romance
A dark romance collaboration by International Bestselling Authors Nikita Slater & Jasmin Quinn.



Luc is not an ordinary man. He’s gracious, charming, sexy, and powerful. Everything I desire and don’t have. Can’t have. A cocktail of perfection, too tempting to pass up and I decide to enjoy the short time I have to spend with him. After this night, I’ll never see him again.

I don’t play nice. I’ve never played nice. Milla didn’t do all her homework or she’d know that. Last night, I was gentle, loving, because she was beautiful and sexy, and I didn’t want to scare her away. But playtime is over, and the gloves are off. Poor lamb is about to get savaged.

Standalone. No cliff-hanger. No cheating. HEA.


Not enough links? Here’s two more just in case you want to see what else we write.

Nikita Slater’s Amazon page:

Jasmin Quinn’s Amazon page:…/e/B078MYSC2M/ref=sr_tc_2_0…

And another, which will take you to our After Dark web site:

And one more.

If you’re 18 or older and depraved, please join the After Dark Addicts closed Facebook group: 

Speaking of Nikita Slater!

Congratulations to the twisted dark romance writer for the release of not 1, but 2 books.

51wywapxjbl._sy346_Queens move (Book Two of The Queens) will light your knickers on fire. It’s barely been out and it has almost 50 five-star reviews on Amazon. Congratulations Nikita.

On top of that, Nikita has teamed up Anita Gray to write a spin-off Blaire’s World book called Luna and Andres: Blaire’s World. Just released to more acclaim and strong reviews.

Is there no end to this woman’s talent?

Both books are available on Amazon:    


… there’s more, but that’s enough for one outing. I think it’s very likely you’ll hear from me before the end of April. I have to update you on how my stalking is going and I’m thinking of pushing a little harder on the Ryan Reynolds front.

And it’s time for another book boyfriend interview. I tried to interview Rusya Savisin, but I ended up in one of his cells, which would have been okay, except he refused to join me.

Apparently, it’s because I have a potty mouth.

Stalk on sisters and brothers but stay safe!

Love Jasmin


PS. I’m over my mad at Facebook. We’re friends again.

yellow plush toy
Me and Facebook. Photo by Pixabay on



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Jasmin Quinn is a writer in her heart and soul and loves reading and writing highly erotic romance novels with strong male and female characters. She writes intense and sexy romance with a hint of suspense, a splash of intrigue and a whole lot of Alpha male. Jasmin tries not to take herself too seriously, but some things matter to her – like good manners, compassion for humans and animals alike, and Canadian maple syrup on vanilla ice cream. She generally disregards other people’s opinions of her unless they’re complimentary, in which case she fully embraces them. When Jasmin isn't writing, she's a beta reader and editor for Jem Monday Publishing. She also likes to fuss with her website, lunch with her friends, indulge in retail therapy, and play the occasional computer game. She stays in shape by exercising her rights to her opinion. Jasmin lives in beautiful British Columbia, Canada with her husband.

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